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Site 2 Director/Manager: Kayla Stinebaugh

Teacher Claire is our lead baby teacher at PELC's site 1 on Alturas Drive. She has been working in childcare for over a year, but has many years of experience babysitting. She also has 6 nieces and nephews that keep her very busy! She plans on finishing her degree in social work so she can take the next step forward in helping children.

"I love working with kids and the best part is watching them grow, especially babies. They are quick learners, catching on to how make certain noises to helping them learn how to say words, to even taking their first steps. It’s a rewarding job in itself."

Site 2 Assistant Teacher: Teacher Christy

Site 1 Lead Pre-K Teacher: Teacher Alondra

Site 2 Assistant Teacher: Teacher Anna

Teacher Alondra has been with PELC for quite some time, and has just recently made the transition to Site 1 on Alturas Drive. She is now our full time Lead Pre-K Teacher! Alondra is currently studying early childhood development and education, and has worked at PELC for over a year with a variety of age groups. 

"I love working at PELC because it has provided me with the experiences I will use through my future career and life. I love working with students and watching them grow and develop educationally. Hearing a student say "Teacher, I did it!" is such a reward." 

Alondra has called Moscow her home for 4 years. While she is passionate about early childhood development and education, she is also passionate about firefighting and overall making a difference within her community. Her favorite color is blue; cats and llamas make her smile; and she is a huge fan of Liverpool FC and the Seattle Sounders! Christmas is her absolute favorite holiday. 

Teacher Abra is the kitchen manager at PELC’s Site 1 on Alturas Drive in Moscow.  Abra has over 15 years of childcare experience and has been running her own kitchen for over a decade. She is committed to serving nutritious and well-rounded meals that children will find delightful and delectable.

“Food is such an integral part of our day, I think it is important that we all understand that it is more than mere fuel. If we are intentional about what we eat, then we can feel good about ourselves when we stop and appreciate the moment as we savor the food that is feeding our body and our soul.”

Abra lives in Moscow and loves every moment with her four incredible children, their three fish, two hamsters, and a pair of leopard geckos. Abra is also an avid reader. Her favorite authors are epicure M.F.K. Fisher and Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Site 1 Kitchen Manager: Teacher Abra

Site 1 Assistant Teacher: Teacher Jordyn

Site 2 Assistant Teacher: Teacher Abbey

Teacher Anna is currently attending the University of Idaho, pursuing her Sociology degree. She is originally from Boise, ID, and grew up in an amazing neighborhood full of kids. She is the oldest out of her siblings, so she was always in charge of babysitting and says it was always a blast. This sparked her love of working with children!

"I love working with the kids at PELC because they are so fun and energetic! It's so cool to watch them grow and start walking, talking and being able to do things on their own!"

Kayla Stinebaugh is the manager at PELC's second location, at 214 N Main St., in Moscow. Kayla graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor's degree in Accounting in December of 2017. She has an abundance of classroom experience in all age groups working with Palouse Early Learning Center since it's opening in 2007. Kayla is currently working towards getting her Child Development Associate Credential. 

"I love working with children because I love seeing the world through their eyes. They are curious, honest, and you never know what they are going to say! They keep me laughing, and remind me every day to appreciate the little things in life!"

In her free time, Kayla enjoys spending time doing things in the outdoors, including fishing, hunting, camping and hiking. She enjoys spending time with her family and her labrador retriever, Allie. 

Site 1 Lead Baby Teacher: Teacher Claire 

Site 2 Assistant Baby Teacher: Teacher Kirstiana

Teacher Mackenzie is a full time student at the University of Idaho, studying Elementary Education with an emphasis in social studies. She has an abundance of experience working with children, including helping her mom in her daycare center, and going to the elementary school and helping in classrooms down in Meridian where she grew up. This lead to her love for helping and teaching students, and ultimately her decision to become a teacher. 

"I love working at PELC because every day I get to see kids laugh and have fun all while they're still learning. It gets me excited about becoming a teacher and knowing I have lots of experience through PELC and the kids I get to teach there." 

Teacher Jordyn is a student at the University of Idaho, majoring in Secondary Education with an emphasis in math. Jordyn has worked with children for many years, and has babysat for several different families over the years. Over the past summer, she worked as a coach teaching life skills through sports. 

"I love working with children and helping them learn and grow. I believe kindness and love are crucial to a child's learning environment and I want to motivate children to try their best, be creative, and support one another."

Teacher Samantha is working as a part time assistant at PELC's Site 1 on Alturas Drive. She is currently a Junior at the University of Idaho majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Creative Writing. Samantha has been babysitting since she was 12 years old, and also worked as a swim instructor and life guard when she was in high school.

In her free time, Samantha likes to write, sew quilts, and hang out with her kitty named Simba. She loves to work with children because they are so full of light and energy, and it brings her joy to watch them grow into themselves.

Site 2 Lead Toddler Teacher: Teacher Lillian

Site 2 Lead Baby Teacher: Teacher Sarah W.

Site 1 Lead Toddler Teacher: Teacher Morgan

Teacher Sarah W. is PELC Site 2's Lead Infant Teacher. She has been working with kids since she was just a kid herself! Sarah got her start teaching kids when her mother needed an extra set of hands teaching after-school art enrichment classes at the elementary school she attended. Sarah continued her passion for teaching and art in college, where she attended both Washington State University and University of Idaho, and babysat and nannied for a few local families. She took classes in special education, early childhood development, psychology, art, and teaching & learning. She worked for over a year with Simpson United Methodist Church and their childcare program, P.S. I Love You. After a seven-year stint working with and teaching adults, Sarah is back working with children. Her background in early childhood development, her sunny disposition, and her caring heart make her a perfect fit for the infant room! She loves to share her passions for art, music, and reading with the babies and waddlers! In her free time, she enjoys traveling, baking, arts and crafts, making jewelry, watching movies, and spending time with her friends, family, and her cat. 

"I enjoy working with children because I love to see how much they learn and grow every day! There is always something exciting and new to look at, learn about, or experience. Children are so good at reminding us of that!"

Site 1 Assistant Teacher: Teacher Samantha

Teacher Morgan is the lead toddler teacher at PELC's site 1 on Alturas Drive in Moscow. Morgan has been working at PELC for over 3 years, and has experience working with all age groups. She has taken several child development courses through the University of Idaho, IdahoSTARS, and Care Courses.

"I love working with children and specifically at PELC because watching and assisting with children hitting major developmental milestones is an incredible experience. The families at PELC are great to work and interact with and I love that the teachers all work as a team to help each other and build ourselves and the students up."

Morgan recently married her high school sweetheart, and says she loves living in Moscow with their two guinea pigs, Han and Chewy, and their cat, Whiskey.

Tami Stinebaugh has been the owner/director of Palouse Early Learning Center for more than 10 years. Tami has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and three additional years of training in early childhood development and special education.

“I love PELC because I was able to create a place for families to bring their children where they could feel good about their growth and development,” Tami said. “Helping children to build a strong foundation before entering school is so important to me!”

Tami has three children, ages 22, 18 and 8, and an English bulldog, Mack. She also has a passion for the Oakland Raiders. 

Teacher Kaitlyn works alongside Morgan in our toddler room at Site 1 on Alturas Drive. Kaitlyn is a Caldwell native who recently moved to Moscow. Being a member of the Boise Y swim team and a lifeguard influenced her love of working with young children. Since then she has worked in various summer camps as well as a Montessori school in Meridian. In her spare time she enjoys playing guitar. Her family consists of her loving husband, two kitties and a puppy. 

Teacher Abbey is currently a junior at the University of Idaho, majoring in Elementary Education with an emphasis in literacy. She says she loves being an active student on campus, and holds an executive position through her sorority, Alpha Phi. She comes from a large family, so she has a lot of experience with children, which is why she says she has always wanted to be a teacher. Along with working at PELC, she has been working at a YMCA daycare for three years while on breaks from school back in her hometown of Boise, Idaho.  

"I enjoy working at PELC because it is so much fun seeing the children's personalities and knowledge grow! Not only do I get to help them learn, but they also teach me how to be the best teacher that I will someday be. They bring sunshine to my days each day that I work with them!"

Site 1 Assistant Toddler Teacher: Teacher Kaitlyn

Teacher Christy is a junior at the University of Idaho, studying History. She has a passion for learning and educating people, at the University she instructs a lower division Biology lab, and she is currently the president of the University's chapter of a national historical honor society, Phi Alpha Theta. She plans on enrolling in the University of Idaho's graduate program, and obtaining a teaching certificate so that she can continue to work as an educator. Her experience with children ranges from being a volunteer at an elementary school in Coeur d'Alene, babysitting since the age of 13, and taking child care courses at Kootenai Medical Center. 

"Working at PELC always puts me in the best mood, getting to teach and care for children is truly a rewarding experience. The kids at PELC make me smile and laugh all day, and I am truly grateful that I get the opportunity to work with them."

Site 1 Assistant Teacher: Teacher Sarah B.

About the Owner: Tami Stinebaugh

Site 2 Assistant Teacher: Teacher Mackenzie